Ink wash drawing by James Skene, c. 1809. Reproduced with permission of the GSL Archives

Book Chapters

Geological landscape as antiquarian ruin: Banks, Pennant and the Isle of Staffa in Enlightenment travel and British identity: Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Scotland and Wales, edited by Mary-Ann Constantine and Nigel Leask (London: Anthem Press, 2017): 183–202. Online ISBN 9781783086542

Peer-Reviewed articles

  • 'Masonry and historical method in the making of geology' in Networks of the Past and Nature. Mapping the Intersections between Antiquarian and Scientific Practices in Eighteenth-Century Britain (working title), Special Issue of Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, edited by Alessio Mattana and Giacomo Savani [submitted by invitation, and accepted for a December 2020 publication date].
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  • 'A philosophical pursuit: natural models and the practical arts in establishing the structure of the earth' in History of Science, 53 (2015): 124–154. DOI: 10.1177/0073275315580956

Non Peer-Reviewed articles

  • 'Barometers: History and development in experimental philosophy’ in Springer Encyclopedia for Early Modern Philosophy and Science, edited by Dana Jalobeanu and Charles Wolfe (release date November 2020). ISBN 978-3-319-31067-1
  • ‘The problem of describing colour; or, the surface of things’ in Viewpoint 102 (2013): 16–17. ISSN: 1751-8261

Book reviews

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